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Open your mind and heart to what is possible for you and your business in this one-day event. Inspired discussions and workshops by industry leaders, genuine networking and delicious organic nourishment will leave you with the tools and motivation to take back to your business and thrive.

WHEN: Sunday, 10 September 2017

TIME: 9am – 5pm

WHERE: Leichhardt Town Hall

COST: $219

who’s coming?

Check out the video from Last Year

Wellness Woman is currently in its 5th year running and is truly an inspirational event and a beautiful environment to learn from and grow your business.

With some of the biggest names in wellness, in such a intimate setting, you can’t go past this amazing event for your wellness business.

our presenters

Ronni Kahn - CEO and Founder of OzHarvest

Ronni Kahn founded OzHarvest in 2004, driven by a passion to make a difference and stop good food going to waste; she started with one van in Sydney. After changing the law to make it safe for companies to donate surplus food, she has grown OzHarvest to be Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, opened the first rescued food supermarket and is now taking the unique food rescue model global.

Ronni is a powerhouse in the fight against global food waste. OzHarvest partners annually with the United Nations Environment Programme to raise awareness on the issue and is working with Government and key stakeholders to halve food waste nationally by 2030. The ripple effect of her commitment is fuelling action across the globe.

Jude Blereau - Wholefood Cooking

Jude’s first cookbook Wholefood Heal, Nourish, Delight was released in March 2006. Her second book Coming Home to Eat – Wholefood for the Family was released in March 2008. Her third book, Wholefood For Children was released 2010 and won an Australian Food Media Award: Sydney Markets Award for Best Health or Specific Diet Book – Highly Commended. Her fourth book Wholefood Baking was released May 2013, won the Australian Category for Baking and Dessert in the Gourmand World Book Awards, 2014. All Jude’s books are published by Murdoch Books. Jude’s 5th book Wholefood From The Ground Up is to be released in June 2016.

Alison Cotton - Founder and Creative Director of First Base

Ali Cotton is the Founder and Creative Director of First Base. She has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry as a designer, stylist and creative director across multiple brands and companies.

First Base, the ultimate sports lifestyle brand, launched in August 2013 and quickly became a leader in the modern activewear market with the brand hanging in stores throughout Australia, USA, Japan and the UAE.

Now in its fourth year of business first base is focussed on giving back and has recently launched its #itscooltobekind campaign. The brand is proudly ethically produced as well as implementing sustainable practices on a micro and macro level.

Giovanna Lever - Sparrowly Group/Sparrows United

Giovanna Lever is a business solutions, marketing specialist and professional mentor. She is the founder of Sparrowly Group. She believes in empowering individuals and business, getting them on the road to success and leaving them with the tools to make things happen. She is a big believer in real diversity in business and life. She is also the founder of Sparrows United – a global movement connecting smart individuals across industries for mutual and community benefit.

Lara Ball - Founder of Wild Kombucha by Ballsy

Lara Ball pursued the intersection of performance and installation before completing a Master of Film and Digital Image at SCA in 2007.

Inspired by additional studies in architecture, she investigated public art as both a creator and director. In 2007 Ball self-funded an ambitious installation on Cockatoo Island, before it became one of the key sites for the Biennale of Sydney, this project saw her move to the UK, where she was part of several international art exhibitions in Russia and Turkey.

In 2011, Ball returned to Sydney to work as the Public Art Coordinator for the City of Sydney. It was during this time, together with her Eye Surgeon husband Matt, that they launched Ballsy Brewing (2013) which creates their signature brew Wild Kombucha, a drink created through ancient brew methods of green and black tea mixed with raw cane sugar which throughout a 4-6 week fermentation process creates a living product full of organic acids.

The creative venture sets a new approach to artistic expression with Ball taking her interest in performance and installation into the realms of food and beverages, and now crafting special collaborative brews, such as a unique honey brew with Chef Peter Gilmore for Quay & Bennelong Restaurants.

Petrea King - Founding Director and CEO of the Quest for Life Foundation

Petrea King is the Founding Director and CEO of the Quest for Life Foundation. She is the author of eight best-selling books including ‘Quest for Life’ and ‘Your Life Matters’ and has recorded a dozen meditation CDs. Petrea provides a practical and spiritual perspective in the challenging arenas of life including facing mortality, grief, loss and trauma. Our changing world demands a robust version of spirituality and Petrea is well versed in articulating that for individuals, groups and the media. She makes the invisible world accessible and is able to shed light and wisdom on living a meaningful life in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Alexx Stuart - Low Tox Life

Alexx is an advocate for all things she calls the ‘low tox life’ – making our best choices and doing so happily when it comes to food, sustainable living, personal care & cleaning products and more. She is of the belief that there should be no guilt or shame in making better choices as and when we’re ready to. Moving forward with excitement is a much better spent energy. Alexx passionately
works to awaken people to all the little things we can do daily to shape our health and the world through her e courses, website www.lowtoxlife.com, active online community, speaking and work- shop events and believes strongly that grass roots education and community are what is going to make our world a better place.

Angie Cowen - Love Life & Gluten Free

Angie Cowen is the founder of Wellness Woman, is a cookbook author and has spent many years catering the best yoga retreats across NSW, and is a regular chef at the Blue Mountains’ famous Billabong Retreat. Her passion is to help people love their bodies, bring beauty to their kitchens and deliciousness to their homes.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to experience one of her meals at a yoga retreat you’ll know that every mouthful of her organic and biodynamic dishes are an explosion of joy, taste and nourishment in the mouth!

Her new range of ready to cook packet mixes made on Activated Buckwheat Mixes are no exception, easy to make and packed with high integrity organic ingredients, making them a must-have in every kitchen.

Nicole Walsh

Nicole Walsh is the co-founder of InYoga, located in Sydney’s Surry Hills. Nicole has been a driving force in the Sydney yoga community over her 16+ years teaching career and is regularly invited to share her inspiration at yoga studios, festivals and conferences in Australia and overseas.

Nicole offers an uplifting and life affirming approach to Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and inspires her students to take their yoga practice off the mat and live a balanced, dynamically sustainable and fulfilling life.

Her classes are a creative combination of potent movement, mindfulness and meditation. Since 2006, Nicole has been training and mentoring yoga teachers, and has helped hundreds of dedicated yogis find their passion and purpose on the teaching path.

Romina Di Federico - Inhale Life Yoga & Meditation

Romina Di Federico is an internationally accredited Yoga and Meditation teacher and is recognised and respected as one of Yoga Australia’s senior yoga teachers. Romina has been practicing yoga for the past 15 years and has been teaching since 2004.

Romina is the creator and director of Inhale Life CBD and Western Suburbs a home for local communities to connect, grow and learn the traditional practices of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. In all her work Romina is passionate about authentically helping you to transform and open your heart and mind to all that is possible through the practice of yoga. 

Currently based in Sydney, Romina runs regular retreats, workshops, private sessions and group classes specialising in the fusion of traditional practices of Hatha Yoga. You can find out more at www.inhalelife.co.

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our timeline

How the day will run

The day will evoke meaningful conversations on topics that are important to women who are invested in their professional and personal development including:

The recipe to success - building a rewarding business

Brand you - creating a memorable brand that is true to YOU!

Finding your purpose

Collaboration - when you should, and when you shouldn't.

The Networking Myth - building great business friendships

A Special Conversation

A very special “In conversation with Ronni Khan, Founder of OzHarvest and Petrea King, Founder of Quest for Life” on balancing business, life, love and leaving a legacy.

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WHEN: Sunday, 10 September 2017

TIME: 9am – 5pm

WHERE: Leichhardt Town Hall

COST: $219

Leichhardt Town Hall

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